Customer Acquisition and Retention

We help customers with their acquisition strategies from initial enquiry through to the completing the actual sale. We focus our advisors on customer engagement by using a unique approach to technology that allows them to concentrate on what customers want….which is the first step on the journey to delivering a world class customer experience.

Customer Service

It’s often said that it’s much more efficient to keep an existing customer than find a new one. This is becoming an ever more important part of today’s dynamic business strategy. Anyone who knows Jamaica will be familiar with the phrase “No problem”. In fact, it is part of the national vocabulary, and we have been keeping customers happy from the film stars of the early 1960’s to today’s business executive that needs service excellence.  Our philosophy is based on that “No problem” attitude and it differentiates us from the other offshore locations for BPO.


In these times of increased regulation and legislation effective administration of your customers’ relationship is critical. Davy Simpson helps customers reduce cost using automation where appropriate and marries this with advisor assisted administration delivered by some of the best educated and literate people in the Americas.

Social Media Management

As your customer experience strategy grows you’ll inevitable be face with the challenge of social media (SM). Whether you use SM to communicate “out to your customer” or you engage with them in “two way dialogue” social media is a valuable tool in today’s customer experience strategy.

Davy Simpson has the ability to allow you to “hear” what’s being said about your brand and service and then prioritise and manage how you respond.

Accounts Receivables and Collections

In the scope of customer relationships it’s true that collections require a very different skill set and approach. Davy Simpson helps customers execute collections strategies based on achieving the maximum recovery in the shortest possible timeframe. We do this by utilising state of the art technology and the very unique advisor skills available in Jamaica. As you would expect all collections services would be PCI compliant.

IT Outsourcing

Davy Simpson has a team of experienced people who can undertake all aspects of your software development project. If you require a team of Prince 2 practitioners to oversee your project through the life cycle from start to finish or you require a team of professional software developers, we can provide you with the right people to deliver your requirement.